Lufthansa orders eight new EMBRAER 195 jets.

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EMBRAER, the aircraft manufacturing company based in Sao Jose Dos Campos (Brazil) announced on December 9th 2010 that it had signed a $US 338 millions with airline Lufthansa for 8 brand new Embraer 195 jets. The eight new aircraft are set to be delivered starting in 2012 and will complement a fleet of 30 Embraer 190/195 already in service with the airlines. The Lufthansa order brings recognition by the airline that the Embraer products present significant advantages in the regional European market where fierce competition is ongoing. Operating efficiency and product differentiation are hallmarks of the Brazil-built aircraft. The E-195 is the largest model of a family of aircraft consisting of the Embraer 170, 175, 190 and 195. The E-jet family of aircraft was initiated by the -170 which e...

Southwest treating Twitter users to $ 1,000 holiday season giftcards.

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Southwest Airlines announced today it was providing $ 1,000 gift cards to participants of its new Holiday Season contest. The "12 Days of Luv" contest will last 12 days and will reward the winner of the with $ 1,000 gift card sponsored by Visa. The contest is being staged in Twitter and allows anyone with an account to participate. The rule is simple: each day Southwest Twitter account will announce the theme of the day for which participants will submit a fun holiday photo. The best photo will evidently grant the announced prize to the winner. Additional information can be found on the company's web site:

Air France new Boeing 777-300ER marks 200th airliner received from Boeing.

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Air France took delivery of its 200th Boeing aircraft on Wednesday December 8th, 2010 at Everett, Washington. The new aircraft, Boeing 777-300 ER is joining a fleet that has already operated several Boeing jetliner model beginning with the 707 back in 1959. Throughout its very successful relationship with Boeing Air France continuously committed to Boeing for operating the most significant portion of its long haul service. The 707 was followed by the adoption of the Boeing 747-100 in 1970 and followed on to the -200, -300 and -400 series (with 12 still operational), along with Boeing models 727, 737 and 767. This latest delivery of a 777 complements an already significant number of Boeing 777 aircraft operating for the airline with a current total of 61 (with 11 additional deliveries to ...

Cuban ATR-72 crash kills 68.

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(Picture insert shows an ATR-72 belonging to Air Dolomiti similar to the AeroCaribean flight 883 that crashed Thursday evening in Cuba killing all 68 on board) Difficult times for general aviation. An ATR-72 belonging to AeroCaribean crashed late Thursday in Cuba killing all 68 passengers on board.AP reported that flight  883 is a twice weekly Port-au-Prince (Haiti)-Santiago-de-Cuba-Havana that had left Santiago-de-Cuba and was expected in Havana at 7:50 pm. The report indicates that the pilot's last radio contact at 5:42 pm was declaring an emergency but no subsequent message was issued by the crew. the plane did crash  in a rural area 350 kilometers east of Havana and Cuban Civil Aviation officially confirmed the tragic death of 7 crew and 61 passengers including 28 foreigners. The A

Qantas Airbus 380 in-flight emergency.

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A Sydney bound Airbus 380 flight QF32 originating in London was forced to return to Singapore  Changi International Airport after experiencing troubles with engine number 2 just 15 minutes after having taken off from Changi International Airport. The brand new Airbus 380   delivered on  and carrying 433 passengers and 26 crew started to experience what passengers described as a sort of explosion emanating from under the left wing. Early reports have indicated that the aircraft had lost an engine cover. In facts residents of the Indonesian island of Batam whom the aircraft had overflown were gathering several pieces of debris lost from the aircraft showing Qantas logo. In preparation to the emergency landing at Changi international, it took up to two hours for the crew to complete the dumpi

Airlines Financial Performance Outlook After April Disruptions.

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Cursory review of Airlines earning potential following last week disruptions IATA estimates show the depth of the catastrophe as losses total upwards of $ 1.7 Billion for Airlines alone. North American Airlines in the previous cycles had confronted inherent structural costs deficiencies by entering Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy code. This least desirable alternative (out of 146 airlines seeking Ch11 bankruptcy restructuring sine 1978 deregulation only 16 had emerged) allowed airlines with depleted cash balances to renegotiate under court supervision most of its fixed obligations. High cost of labor that legacy North American airlines had inherited from various Collective Bargaining Agreement, various structured retirement pensions funds, long-term debt, capital, operating leases etc...w...

Industry On Edge After Oil Rig Sinks

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Fears of a major environmental disaster 50 miles off the coast of Louisiana in the gulf of Mexico heightened on Thusrday evening after an oil rig that had exploded the day before sank The events US Coast Guard District Eight command center New Orleans , La. first received report of an explosion and fire aboard a mobile offshore drilling unit located about 42 miles south of Venice off the Louisiana coast in the gulf of Mexico at about 10 pm central time on Tuesday April 20th, 2010. Various Coast Guard units responded to the emergency with some of the following resources: From Station New Orleans: Two HH-65C Dolphin rescue helicopters and crews From Aviation Training Center, Mobile, Ala.: One HH-65C Dolphin rescue helicopter and crew One HH-60 rescue helicopter and crew One HC-144...

EADS-Airbus to bid for $ 35 billion future air force tanker contract

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EADS the parent company of Airbus announced Tuesday that it would participate in the contract competition to produce the next generation aerial refuelling tanker for the US Air Force.The deal is worth $ 35 billion covering some 179 planes that will replace the 1950's era KC 135 . In is a surprising turn of event and a bold move EADS is deciding to join the competition without Northrop Grumman with whom a partnership had previously existed.This stunning reversal of situation for EADS is taking the industry by surprise as experts had long surmised that EADS would never be a credible bidder without the support of the American giant Northrop Grumman.And Boeing had been considered as the natural winner for the competition. From a logistical perspective EADS is still actively pursuing some for...

Evening Transatlantic Flight out Of JFK

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Early evening JFK transatlantic departure Air France 19 7:05 pm Air france 19A 8:20 pm Air India 144 Frankfurt 6:20 pm  no info Air India 160 Mumbai 6:45 pm Air Malta 2925 Munich 8:10 pm Air Portugal 104 Lisbon 6:15 pm British Airways  184 London Heathrow 6:25 pm cancelled British Airways 188 London Heathrow 8:50 pm British Airways 7002 Paris Orly delayed 9:05 pm British Airways 7004 Paris Orly delayed 10:15 pm British Midland 6108  London LHR 6:40 pm cancelled British midland 6110 London LHR 8:00 pm cancelled British Midland 6118 Manchester 10:10 pm cancelled British Midland 6120 Manchester 7:40 pm cancelled British Midland 6122 London LHR 7:20 pm cancelled British Midland 6126 Birmingham 7:05 pm cancelled British Midland 6136 Edinburgh 8:00 pm cancelled British Midlan

Update on flights disruptions in Europe

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Disruptions in air traffic over Europe remained significant today as ash could from a volcanic eruption in Iceland continued to spread high above most of western Europe skies.The unprecedented crisis in air travel is already seeing upwards of 95,000 flights cancellations since last Thursday.The catastrophe will have serious financial repercussion for the industry which is experiencing something more devastating than the post 9/11 disruptions.The crisis is compounded by the several hundreds of thousand of air travelers who have been stranded. As of Tuesday, April 21st a day after European transport ministers devised a 3 tiers airspace segmentation to restrict, limit or open air traffic across Europe, Eirocontrol is reporting roughly 13,000 flights out of 28,000. the situation has relative...