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Market Research

Our Market Research analysis section gives you an idea of what insights may be uncovered if you contract us to do market research for you. Your organization will gain a better understanding the strategic advantages that can help you achieve a better business outcome. Take a look at some of our Market oriented analysis.

 1. Breach of Nunn-McCurdy cost controls for the F-35 JSF program

2. Lufthansa vs Air France: Battle of the Europe ‘legacy’ global carriers 

3. Southern Air Boeing 747 Classic fleet: building value with an aging fleet

4. Freighter operation: FedEx Boeing 767 versus MD-10F

5. Overall orders for Boeing 777-300ER are lagging carriers need

6. Lufthansa Cargo: Boeing 777F versus MD-11F

7.FedEx MD-10/MD-11 common crew program