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Intelligence Analysis

Open Source Intelligence Gathering And Analysis


Feel free to contact us for any analysis work your organization may need regarding open source data covering topic that is significant to your strategic understanding.

Check out some of our more thorough military analysis to have a sense of what to expect.

1. Turkey/Israel Phantom F-4-2000/2020 platform and the incident with Syria Air Defense

2. Our two-parts analysis of the AWACS upgrades program Part I and Part II

3. Russia New Longer Range Missile For Its Powerful S-400 Air Defense System

4. Our uncovering of Avionics systems aboard the US Air Force new KC-46 Tanker

5. Corrosion Issues For The Stealth F-22 and F-35

6. Software Release Practices For The F-35 JSF program

7. Breach of Nunn-McCurdy cost limits for the F-35 JSF program

8. China J-20 Stealth Aircraft Analysis