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We welcome you back to our latest site iteration. Inside you will find information that we hope is insightful, relevant and  entertaining. We intend to deliver the most expansive airline industry information and news available in the most unencumbered format possible. The content that we provide is the result of analyzing and curating thousands of online documents from a wide variety of aggregated sources repositories including regulatory filings and disclosures, earnings reports, government registries of aircraft, aircraft records and history, court filings, aviation regulatory bodies (governmental and international), blogs, news web sites and more. Although we started building our database archive since 2003, our fascination with aviation and the airline industry goes way back to the late 80’s. We are convinced that although our carefully researched analysis, articles and reports are far from perfect, we will strive in our studies to highlight the most critical commercial aviation issues of our time. We will attempt to grasp fleet optimization problems, airline networks efficiency, key partners for investment and support activities, proper selection and sourcing of aircraft, various aspects of liability and litigation (particularly bankruptcies), international bilateral agreements as well as in-depth analysis of earnings reports.

Keeping in line with international affairs and the progress of aviation in general, we will also put significant efforts into military aviation and defense aerospace and sometimes global security issues inasmuch as risk correlation to the airlines and aircraft production applies. We also want to invite you to contact us if you think that our approach can help you better achieve your business goals.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and we hope that you will enjoy our content and support us.