Ethiopian Airlines And Lion Air To Return 737MAX To Service

Ethiopian Airlines And Lion Air To Return 737MAX To Service

December 28, 2021 Off By Reem

Ethiopian Air and Indonesia’s Lion Air both announced they would return their Boeing 737MAX to service in the coming future.

The Boeing 737MAX entire fleet was grounded between March 2019 and December 2020 following air disasters involving Lion Air Flight 610 on October 29th 2018 and Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 crashing on March 10th 2019. The grounding of the entire fleet followed an investigation deep into what was perceived to be design flaws of the aircraft flight control system. In all 346 people had lost their lives, 189 people aboard the Lion Air aircraft and 157 in the Ethiopian Airlines tragedy.

The Ethiopian Airlines 737MAX That Crashed On March 10th 2019

The type finally received clearance to fly again from FAA a year ago in December of 2020, yet it was only earlier this month of December 2021 that China’s authorized the aircraft to get back into the sky. Prior clearance from the European Union, Brazil and also from Canada had been secured. Boeing was eventually fined 2.5 billion dollars to avoid criminal prosecution for misleading Regulators about the aircraft safety.

The return to service of the aircraft in both airlines having suffered tragedies may finally close a delicate and tragic chapter, in the end sparing Boeing more adverse program outcome which, as of November 2021 has sold 5,075 737MAX with only 387 delivered. Shares of the Boeing Co were trading at $206.73 up $3.57 (1.73%).