Emirates Looking To Hire More Than 6,000 Staffs As Business Trends Upwards

Emirates Looking To Hire More Than 6,000 Staffs As Business Trends Upwards

October 26, 2021 Off By Reem

Confronted with a sooner than expected pick up in post Covid19 business recovery, Emirates Airlines is looking to hire up to 6,000 staffs. For the next six months, the Dubai-based carrier will be adding pilots, cabin crew, engineering specialists as well as ground staffs, it was announced on October 25th. Citing Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, head of  Emirates Airline Group, the announcement outlined «the positive signs in the economic recovery» suggesting the possibility of a much earlier than expected return to « pre-pandemic level by mid-2022 ».

As one of the few carriers operating solely a fleet of long haul widebody aircraft composing Airbus A380s and Boeing 777, Emirates is in critical need of 600 qualified pilots along with 1,200 engineering support staffs. The new hirees will help oversee, for instance the ramp up of Airbus A380 operations from 18 cities currently served to 27 in the end of November.

To this staggering number of technical staffs, Emirates also seek the addition of 3,000 cabin crews. Overseeing the aircraft operations, to the 500 airport ground services employees that were needed when the airline made a first job vacancy announcement last month, another 700 may now need to be recruited.

While these numbers may seem out of proportions, ramping up flight operations in Emirates standards is unlike any other airline. The carrier has only 43 Airbus A380 in operation with 77 parked and 2 up for delivery from Airbus. The return to operations of some A380 expected in November amounts to 165,000 additional seats.

Then the near future may hold an other milestone when the airline begins to take delivery of new Boeing 777X and Boeing 787s it has currently on order. It currently expects 126 new Boeing 777Xs and 30 Boeing 787s. To these Boeing jets, 50 brand new Airbus A350XWB also in order will be added.

Emirates has set up the following web site to help guide job applicants: