Caribbean Airlines Resumes Commercial Flights To US, Canada

Caribbean Airlines Resumes Commercial Flights To US, Canada

July 9, 2020 Off By Reem

Trinidad and Tobago-based Caribbean Airlines announced it had resumed commercial flights operations from its Jamaica operational base on July 6th 2020. This follows weeks of air travel inactivity due to the COVID19 pandemy.

Having gone live with tickets sales on Monday, June 29th, the airline did conduct its first daily flight linking Kingston, Jamaica and New York, NY on July 6th.

Flights between Kingston, Jamaica and Toronto which operate on a weekly basis have re-started on Wednesday, July 8th with a second weekly flight to be added beginning on Sunday, July 19th.

The regional route linking Kingston, Jamaica to Bridgetown, Barbados has also been re-instated, operating at a twice weekly frequency, on Monday and Friday.

This month of July will be critical in allowing the airline to reach a sustained level of flights operations. To that end, daily flights from Kingston, Jamaica to Miama, Florida are programmed to begin near the end of the month, as the carrier also re-opens its Antigua and Brabados bases to regional traffic. Flights between Montego Bay, Jamaica and New York, NY are set to resume around that period.

During the COVID19 crisis, the airline whose fleet is composed of 12 Boeing 737-800 and 7 ATR72-600 aircraft took a significant role in transporting freight and carrying out re-patriation flights throughout the Caribbeans.