DHL Leasing Two More Boeing 767 Converted Freighter From ATSG

DHL Leasing Two More Boeing 767 Converted Freighter From ATSG

July 8, 2020 0 By Reem

Boeing 767 Freighter Under The ABX Air Brand

Air Transport Services Group, Inc of Wilmington, Ohio has announced on July 6th, 2020 that it was making available a Boeing 767-300 converted freighter to DHL Bahrain and another similar aircraft to DHL Express.

The first aircraft which did in facts enter service this past june is being operated under a Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance or ACMI agreement involving two ATSG subsidiaries.

Under this agreement, a Boeing 767-300 converted freighter aircraft will be sourced from Cargo Aircraft Management or CAM, a ATSG subsidiary, in order to operate under the DHL Bahrain brand. Concurrently Air Transport International – ATI -, the other ATSG subsidiary involved in the agreement is providing flight crews, maintenance and insurance for the same aircraft. This aircraft is deployed on the Hong Kong to Sydney, via Guam route.

The second Boeing 767-300 converted freighter aircraft has been leased under a separate ACMI agreement with DHL Express. Also sourced from Cargo Air Management Inc., this aircraft is however operated by ABX Air, another ATSG subsidiary. The aircraft has been deployed on the route linking Chicago O’Hare Airport (US) to Cologne Bonn Airport (Germany) via East Midlands Airport (England).

ATSG Inc, is the world’s largest owner of Boeing 767 converted freighters through its subsidiaries which include ABX Air, Inc.; Airborne Global Solutions, Inc.; Airborne Maintenance and Engineering Services, Inc.; Air Transport International, Inc.; Cargo Aircraft Management, Inc.; and Omni Air International, LLC.

Altogether the brand owns some 83 Boeing 767-200/-300 freighter aircraft with up to sixty-one of these currently operating under lease agreements with clients such as UPS, DHL, Amazon, NAC, Amerijet, Cargojet, SkyTaxi, Raya and West Atlantic.