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Unilode To Deploy Bluetooth Enabled ULD Tracking At Cargolux Facilities

Zurich, Switzerland-based Unilode Aviation Solutions has signed a deal with global logistics airline Cargolux to track the movement of aircraft shipping containers. While the initial iteration of the Unilode tracking solution has allowed bluetooth-enabled tags to be installed on freight Unit Load Device, Cargolux just went a step further by deploying tracking devices at all of its customer’s warehouses.

Presented as the world’s largest outsourcer of ULDs, Unilode owns the largest global network of containers, pallets and inflight food service equipment maintenance and repair.

By replacing tracking processes in which human had to send e-mail messages in order to indicate a shipment position with a fully automated readers infrastructure, Unilode is entering a highly innovative market segment. By April 2020, Unilode had already equipped more than 15,000 ULDs with Bluetooth tags. The build-out of readers infrastructure spanning entire logistics chains will give customers shipment visibility as well as presented operators with highly valuable data-driven insight.

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