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Rising Storm Water Damages 8 Israeli Air Force Jets While Parked At Base

Rising storm water this past week-end damaged eight Israeli Air Force fighter jets as they were parked in hangars at Hatzor Air Force base.

The rather unusual news did not initially make it to the public as the army first intended to censor the information. A photo that have surfaced online depicts a single F-16C parked underneath a hangar with water rising almost up to the aircraft wings level, completely submerging the aircraft’s main engine air intake. The Hatzor Air Force base has been known to house two squadrons of F-16C and F-16D, leading to speculations that all of the aircraft damaged were F-16C/D models.

The reports surrounding the incident indicated that three aircraft had been seriously damaged while five other suffered less significant damages.

The subsequent appointment of an army-led investigation commission will attempt to shed some light on why the eight damaged aircraft had been left vulnerably parked in hangars instead of being moved to the safety of the base main runways where most of the bases other aircraft had found refuge.

In recent weeks, Israel has been impacted by torrential rains that have dumped record-level amount of water throughout the country.

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