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With new 787-9 Dreamliner arriving on the Sydney to San-Francisco route, Qantas finally retires 747 from US service.

Qantas, Australia’s largest carrier has finalized plans to deploy its new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner on the Sydney to San Francisco route. The move would also close the final chapter on the carrier’s rich history of Boeing 747 service to and from the US.

Following the retirement of the 747-400 from the Sydney to Los Angeles route back in 2018,  the Sydney – San Francisco route had been Qantas sole remaining 747 US operations.

The Dreamliner set to take over on December 4th 2019, will attempt to replace an aviation legend with 40 years-plus service with the carrier by bringing new standards of operating economics and comfort. Qantas currently operate eight 787-9s, with another six due to arrive by fall 2019. These aircraft have been configured to  accommodate 236 passengers in three classes.

For the 747-400 of which Qantas still operate eight aircraft (six 747-400ER and two 747-400) the end is only getting nearer.

The once dominant Boeing 747-400 has served Qantas remarkably for more than 40 years

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