Month: November 2010

Cuban ATR-72 crash kills 68.

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(Picture insert shows an ATR-72 belonging to Air Dolomiti similar to the AeroCaribean flight 883 that crashed Thursday evening in Cuba killing all 68 on board) Difficult times for general aviation. An ATR-72 belonging to AeroCaribean crashed late Thursday in Cuba killing all 68 passengers on board.AP reported that flight  883 is a twice weekly Port-au-Prince (Haiti)-Santiago-de-Cuba-Havana that had left Santiago-de-Cuba and was expected in Havana at 7:50 pm. The report indicates that the pilot's last radio contact at 5:42 pm was declaring an emergency but no subsequent message was issued by the crew. the plane did crash  in a rural area 350 kilometers east of Havana and Cuban Civil Aviation officially confirmed the tragic death of 7 crew and 61 passengers including 28 foreigners. The A

Qantas Airbus 380 in-flight emergency.

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A Sydney bound Airbus 380 flight QF32 originating in London was forced to return to Singapore  Changi International Airport after experiencing troubles with engine number 2 just 15 minutes after having taken off from Changi International Airport. The brand new Airbus 380   delivered on  and carrying 433 passengers and 26 crew started to experience what passengers described as a sort of explosion emanating from under the left wing. Early reports have indicated that the aircraft had lost an engine cover. In facts residents of the Indonesian island of Batam whom the aircraft had overflown were gathering several pieces of debris lost from the aircraft showing Qantas logo. In preparation to the emergency landing at Changi international, it took up to two hours for the crew to complete the dumpi