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Update on flights disruptions in Europe

Disruptions in air traffic over Europe remained significant today as ash could from a volcanic eruption in Iceland continued to spread high above most of western Europe skies.The unprecedented crisis in air travel is already seeing upwards of 95,000 flights cancellations since last Thursday.The catastrophe will have serious financial repercussion for the industry which is experiencing something more devastating than the post 9/11 disruptions.The crisis is compounded by the several hundreds of thousand of air travelers who have been stranded.

As of Tuesday, April 21st a day after European transport ministers devised a 3 tiers airspace segmentation to restrict, limit or open air traffic across Europe, Eirocontrol is reporting roughly 13,000 flights out of 28,000.

the situation has relatively improved as most long haul service has been reinstated.Air France has reported 95% of flight taking place.Lufthansa a has flown all of its long haul flights, British Airways is scrambling to bring in up to 28 long haul flights to Heathrow and Gatwick after 1900 local time.Although most of BA long haul inbound flights for the morning of Wednesday April 21st has already being canceled.

Uncertainty remain as various sources speculate larger eruption might still occur in the coming days.

The overall crisis has highlighted chaotic management and lack of unified contingency planning, and the total absenec of alternate means alleviating the humanitarian side at airports across the world.The use of southern Europe airfield as de facto hubs (Athens , Rome), the sending of HMS Albion to ferry troops stranded in Spain have been timid belated steps.