Boeing Delivers Last Saudi AWACS With RSIP Upgrades. Analysis

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Air Force has become the latest air arm to see its entire fleet of Boeing E-3 AWACS (Airborne Warning And Control System) aircraft undergo Boeing’s Radar System Improvement Program (RSIP) upgrade. This follows in the footsteps of the AWACS fleets operated by the United States, NATO, the United Kingdom and… Read more »

Following 50th Delivery, ANA Now Operates The World’s Largest Boeing 787 Fleet

ANA, Japan largest carrier has reached a milestone when taking delivery of its 50th Boeing 787 Dreamliner on August 17th 2016. The new aircraft was handed over by manufacturer Boeing that day at an official ceremony held at the Everett facility near Seattle, Washington state. By initiating a 50-aircraft order back in 2004, ANA become… Read more »

FlyDubai 737-800 Crash On Approach In Rostov-On-Don, Russia Kills All 62 On Board

A Boeing 737-800 operated by United Arab Emirates low cost carrier FlyDubai crashed while attempting to land at Rostov-On-Don in southern Russia this Saturday March 19th 2016. The aircraft had departed Dubai six hours earlier with 55 passengers and 7 crews on board. Operating as Flight 981, the 737-800 first aborted its landing while 6.7… Read more »

The Qantas Boeing 747-400 That Flew With A 5th (Spare) Engine Under Wing – Analysis

  A very unusual aviation event took place on Wednesday January 5th 2016. A Qantas Boeing 747-400 (VH-OJH) normally powered with four Rolls Royce RB211-524 turbofans was seen flying with a 5th engine under its left wing. The event was commented by a Qantas spokesperson  via the web, indicating that due to another Qantas 747-400… Read more »

Airbus A320NEO Enters Service With Lufthansa

Lufthansa the launch customer for Airbus new A320NEO aircraft began operating the type this January 25th 2016 with its maiden flight on the Frankfurt – Munich route. The aircraft registered D-AINA (MSN 6801) was delivered to Lufthansa on January 20th 2016 ahead of another 70 A320NEO and 45 A321NEO ordered by the group from the… Read more »

Two Years After Tragedies, Malaysia Airline Withdraws 777 From Fleet

Malaysia Airlines is ending Boeing 777 operations immediately, the Independant UK reported. The government-owned carrier has announced that the new restructuring plan being currently executed imposed to do away with the aircraft that was involved in the two MH17 and MH370 tragedies. Both incidents had involved two of the carriers 6 Boeing 777-200ER. MH370 is… Read more »

Air France Bids Farewell To 747 After 45 Years Of Service

Air France has now officially turned the final page on its 45 years old history operating the Boeing 747. The farewell festivities began January 11th 2016 as the last commercial revenue flight arriving in Paris from Mexico was operated by one of the fleet’s 3 surviving 747-400. Upon its arrival at Paris Charles De Gaulle… Read more »

Singapore Airlines To Launch Ultra Long Range A350 Variant For Direct Flights To The US

On October 13th 2015, Singapore Airlines has announced it was adding 4 more A350-900 to its current outstanding order of 63 with Airbus. On that occasion, the carrier detailed new plans to fly direct non-stop flights to the US once it takes delivery of 7 specially configured new Airbus A350-900. The 7 aircraft will be… Read more »

EVA To Order Another 2 Boeing 777-300ER With 24 787-10

EVA Air has manifested its intention to acquire another 2 Boeing 777-300ER along with 24 Boeing 787-10. The new build aircraft package compounds a list price of $8 Billion. The October 15th 2015 statement by manufacturer Boeing Company reminded that the Taiwan-based carrier already operates 21 Boeing 777-300ER with another 15 due for delivery from… Read more »

Finally Thai Airways Introduces Much Awaited A380 Service On Heathrow-Bangkok Route

Thai Airways International, Thailand main’s carrier has finally introduced its flagship A380 on the coveted Bangkok-London Heathrow on July 1st 2015. The move comes more than two years after the aircraft became operational in Thai service. The route had been traditionally operated by Boeing 747-400s up until the middle of 2012 when the aircraft were… Read more »

  • United Continental Installs Flat Bed Seats On Board Boeing 757-200

    United Continental Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: UAL) announced March 23rd that it had completed installation of 180-degree BusinessFirst flat seats aboard all Continental Airlines Boeing 757-200. The new seats provide 6’6″ accommodation in length (1.98 m) and 27″ (0.68 m) in width with a full 180-degree reclining capability allowing passengers to lie flat. The BusinessFirst class… Read more »

  • Australia Transportation Safety Board Investigates Fire On Board Qantas A330

    The Australian Transport Safety Board is investigating a latest incident on board a Qantas Airbus 330-200 en route to Manila from Sydney forcing the aircraft to make an emergency diversion to Cairns where it landed safely. The incident occurred during cruise when pilots noticed flames that had apparently ignited near the left hand windscreen. The… Read more »

  • R/UGM-109 Tomahawk Land Attack Cruise Missiles Of Operation Odyssey Dawn

    Up to 130 Tomahawk cruise missiles are reported to have been fired in three days of the current Operation Odyssey Dawn against integrated air defense targets in Lybia. We’re analyzing the evolution in capabilities of a system that gained notoriety 20 years ago during Operation Desert Storm. The Tomahawk Land Attack Cruise Missile (TLAM) is… Read more »

  • French Air Force Strikes In Lybia

    Picture: Air defense Rafale patrolling. From a French Ministry Of Defense announcement confirming that French Air Force was involved in Operation Harmattan as of 1:30 pm local time. Operation Harmattan is putting in application UN security council’s resolution 1973 for battle field air interdiction against Lybia’s Colonel Gaddaffi air force.  The French air force is… Read more »

  • Lufthansa Profits 1.1 Billion Euros For 2010, Orders 30 A320neo and 5 Boeing 777F

    (picture from Corey Barnes) Lufthansa AG announced its consolidated financial results for the year 2010 showing spectacular rebound on the year from 2009. Thus confirming that the industry had been on a path to recover fully from the recession began in 2008. The airline and its wholly owned subsidiary companies including carriers Swiss, Austrian Airlines,… Read more »

  • US Navy and Air Force Providing Heavy Lift Capabilities To Japan’s Relief Effort

    The Department Of Defense announced that a total of 14 US Navy ships involving 17,000 sailors and marines were now operating under the disaster relief mission subsequent to last Friday earthquake and tsunami in Japan. A significant logistical effort was under way to deliver water and food while assets were also being provided to support… Read more »

  • Foreign Nationals Evacuating From Japan

    On Thursday US Ambassador to Japan urged US citizens living within a 50 miles (80 kilometers) of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant to evacuate the area or seek shelter indoor. Ambassador John V. Roos announcement assessing the situation surrounding the fate of the nuclear plant as “deteriorating” indicated that data review by the  United… Read more »

  • Fake Pilots!

    Thanks to Kaha Krikheli from for having contributed this article. From a shocking revelation and an unthinkable feat, allegations of at least four pilots were found of having forged documents to pilot commercial flight licenses. Two of which have been arrested for utilizing fake certificates to obtain licenses. This is in a country where… Read more »

  • Flights Disruptions Affecting Tokyo International Airports

    Airlines were trying to cope on Wednesday with risks of radioactive contamination to flying aircraft, crews and ground staffs. Most carriers concerns have focused on flights operations at Tokyo’s two main international airports Narita and Haneda. US-based carriers Delta Airlines, American Airlines and Continental United Airlines will maintain their flight to Tokyo as-scheduled. In similar… Read more »

  • DoD Evacuates Non-Essential Personnel From Bahrain

    Unrest in the Middle East took a more dramatic tone on Monday after Saudi Arabia troops entered the Kingdom of Bahrain in a bid to shore up support for embattled King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa. An estimated force of 2,000 troops from Saudi Arabia , United Arab Emirates and other member nations of the … Read more »

  • Fire Observed Wednesday at Reactor 4 of Fukushima Daiichi Plant

    The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant operated by Tokyo Electric Power Company was reported to have undergone a latest fire at its reactor number 4 on Wednesday morning. This latest development occurs after the nuclear plant has already undergone 3 explosions in four days at its reactors number 1,3 and 2. The chain of catastrophic… Read more »

  • Nuclear Catastrophe Looms After Japan’s Earthquake

    The situation deteriorated around Japan Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant on Tuesday as another explosion rocked the crippled nuclear power station complex.  The cascading chain of events that saw three explosions in four days initially damaging reactor number 1, 3 and now number 2 signals a turn for the worse at the stricken plant. Since the… Read more »

  • Battle of Europe Global Airlines Air France-KLM vs Lufthansa Group

    We re conducting a review comparing Air France-KLM and Lufthansa Group, Europe’s two largest airlines with global impact. We will analyze aspects of their strategy that are likely to further their success such as the critical function of their global hubs, the incorporation of the Airbus 380 in their fleet and we will provide revenue… Read more »

  • Latest Hong Kong Airlines and Air China Orders From Boeing Total 43 Aircraft

    The Boeing company announced on March 7th 2011 it had reach an agreement with China Air for the purchase of 5 Boeing 747-8I. The airline which already operate Boeing 747-400 and 777-200 becomes the third airline to order the passenger version of the  new Boeing 747-8 model after Lufthansa and Korean Air order for respectively… Read more »

  • South Korea To Receive New Boeing 737-Based Airborne Early Warning & Control Aircraft

    The Republic of South Korea Air Force is set to take possession of its first Airborne Early Warning & Control (AEW&C) aircraft in May of this year. The acquisition is governed by a 2006, $1.6 Billion deal with Boeing and Northrop Grumman in which 4 Boeing 737 derivatives will be delivered to the South Korean… Read more »

  • TAM orders 32 Airbus 320 and 2 Boeing 777-300ER

    TAM, Brazil’s largest airline headquartered in Sao Paulo is finalizing acquisition of several aircraft worth $3.2 Billion from both Airbus and Boeing. The Airbus order involves a Memorandum Of Understanding governing the acquisition of 32 Airbus 320 aircraft. The 32 aircraft would in fact include 22 A320neo and 10 A320, Airbus announced. The A320neo is… Read more »

  • Details On The Boeing KC-46A and 787 Systems

        The KC-46A proposal from Boeing to the US Air Force is based on the civilian Boeing 767-200ER (Extended Range variant with additional fuel tanks generally installed at the expense of cargo carrying capabilities). The passenger variant first delivered in 1984 equipped with either 2 x Pratt and Whitney PW 4062 (with 63,000 pounds… Read more »

  • Boeing Awarded $35 Billion Contract To Build New Air Force Tanker

    This picture shows a Royal Australian Air Force A330 MRTT whose KC45 variant just lost the competition to Boeing Company KC46A that will be based on a modernized Boeing 767. Defense officials announced to day that the Boeing Company was being awarded the $30 Billion plus contract to build the US Air Force next tanker…. Read more »

  • Israel New UAV Presented To Defense Minister

    Jerusalem Post reported visit of Ehud Barak Israel defense minister to IAI facility. During a visit to Israel Aerospace Industries  on Tuesday February 22nd, 2011, defense minister Ehud Barak was introduced to IAI Malat (aviation products division) latest Unmanned Air Vehicle ‘The Ghost”. The new UAV design is a three feet long tandem twin rotors… Read more »

  • Skymark Airlines To Acquire Four Airbus 380

    The Tokyo-based low cost airlines is set to become the first japanese airline to operate the Airbus 380 super jumbo.The airline founded in 1998 operate a current fleet of 18 Boeing 737-800 out of Haneda (Tokyo International Airport). Its network comprises a integrated mesh network linking 13 destinations in Japan using Haneda and Kobe as… Read more »