Cargolux Picture Of One Of Its New Boeing 747-8F

A new agreement between the governments of Luxembourg and Gabon will allow the cargo airline to operate flights up to three times per week between the two nations. The new bilateral treaty which now replaces the previous agreement signed in 1972 could not come soon enough for Luxembourg-based Cargolux. With the new agreement which was negotiated October 3rd of this year but only officially signed on November 26th, Cargolux has now secured full Fifth Freedom transportation rights. Hence the carrier which had operated only two weekly flights from Luxembourg to Libreville, the capital of Gabon since 2007 will be now able to introduce a third weekly frequency. Another advantage of being a Fifth Freedom rights holder is that Cargolux will now be able to transport cargo embarked from Libreville towards any further point it needs on each trip. The direct result is that the carrier will now use Libreville Leon Mba International airport as its cargo hub for the region where it intends to expand. Because of Libreville advantageous geographical location, cargo shipments from end points including Johannesburg, Brazzaville, Kinshasa and Lagos can now be more efficiently routed throughout the region as well as linked to any other destination around the world via carrier’s Luxembourg global hub.

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