Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation of Hartford Connecticut announced that the United states government has agreed to the sale of 15 modern Sikorsky Black hawk UH-60M helicopters to Sweden’s Defence Materiel Administration as part of a Foreign military sales contract. The aircraft will fulfill operational needs of the Swedish Armed forces medical evacuation, utility, and search and rescue missions.

The UH-60M is the latest variant of the highly successful Black Hawk model designed in the 1970’s. The UH-60M brings additional performance by introducing a high performance 4 wide-chord composite blades powered by two General Electric T700-GE-701D turbines giving it a range of 276 nm (511 km) at a maximum gross weight of 22,00 lbs (9,979 kg). Integrated avionics systems incorporate dual digital flight control computers, a four-axis fully coupled flight director, automatic direction finder, moving digital maps and dual embedded global positioning/inertial navigation systems. The advanced vehicle health management system (IVHMS) is also part of the state of the art flight instrumentation integrated to four multi-function displays.

A 5-year contract with the US Government passed in December 2007 allowed Sikorsky to deliver up to 537 H-60 HAWK helicopters for the US Armed Forces. The US Army selected the UH-60M as its main utility helicopter although the contract also involved more specialized applications such as the HH-60M MEDEVAC, MH-60S Seahawk and MH-60R Seahawk aircraft for the Us Air Force and US Navy. The contract had been valued at $7.4 billion with spares, logistics and engineering support.

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