Severe flights disruptions were occurring Thursday at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport as news of the contamination of the airport fuel supply surfaced. According to Haaretz,   Paz Aviation Assets, the company in charge of supplying most of the the airport jet fuel has discovered below standard quality fuel stored at its airport terminal facility. Ynetnews further indicates that the same company has been able to identify the presence of an oily substance of unknown origin that has ‘accumulated’ within its fuel airport supply. As a result, the airport management has halted  all refueling activities at the airport. Airliners in need of refueling have been directed  to land at Larnaca Airport in Cyprus, located 213 miles away for refueling prior to returning to Tel Aviv.  The measure has caused flights arrivals to be significantly delayed, while departures have been brought to a virtual standstill. The airport web site indicates that flight arrivals delays are gradually easing out as of early evening, while all  scheduled departures have been pushed back to the late evening.

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