ANA still operates 11 Boeing 747-400 With These Two Adopting The Pokemon Livery

Beginning May 23rd, 2011, Japan carrier ANA and Scandinavian Airline Systems will begin honoring their new code-sharing agreement.

The agreement is articulated to permit ANA domestic flights operated out of Tokyo Haneda Airport towards Sapporo, Osaka and Fukoka to receive an SAS additional flight designation SK.

Reciprocally SAS flights linking Copenhagen to Tokyo will be conducted with the additional ANA flight designation NH. The agreement plans to introduce at a later date deeper code sharing with more SAS-operated flights receiving ANA’s NH call designation. The SAS flights that will be involved are the Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm flights to Frankfurt and London along with the Oslo and Stockholm flights to Munich. The code sharing agreements allow both airlines to profit by virtually deepening their network of destinations without having to provision new flights. For two airlines combining their network around their respective global hubs, the number of connections offered to passengers can increase significantly. European travelers find simplified access to Japan domestic cities and Japanese travelers see more efficient travel opportunities across Europe.

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