Air China cargo Boeing 747-400F

Air China Cargo announced today that it had closed a significant gap in its cargo operation service offerings by opening a new route linking China’s main northeast industrial and commercial base to Europe. The 3 weekly Air China Cargo flights originating at Zhoushuizi International Airport in Dalian will terminate in Frankfurt via Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport. The new connection that officially began service on April 15th 2011 is operated by a Boeing 747-400F departing Dalian every Thursday,Friday and Saturday. This new aerial route allow the shipping of goods -which up to now was restricted to maritime and train transportation- to be conducted more efficiently in direction of global markets. The airline 51% owned by Air China specializes in the transportation of freight from mainland China cities of Shanghai, Beijing and Dalian to 3 main destinations in Europe (Frankfurt, Paris and London) and 5 in North America (Los Angeles, San Francisco, New york, Chicago, Portland). The airline operates its own fleet of dedicated freighters that comprises 9 Boeing 747-400F and 1 Tupolev Tu-204 Freighter (with 2 more due for delivery this year). In addition Air China Cargo is allowed to provide transportation of goods on board Air China main passenger aircraft fleet.

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