Turkish Airlines and Boeing have finalized a $1.2 billion order  for fifteen new Boeing 737 Next Generation comprising ten 737-800 and five 215-passengers Boeing 737-900ER. This latest order will complement the forty-eight Boeing 737-800 currently operating with Turkish Airline. Boeing was keen to point out that the newly ordered 737 offer a 7% improvement in fuel efficient by incorporating latest airframe and engine design improvements not available on older 737-800 (Turkish airline ordered its current  737-800 between 1998 and 2005). The new aircraft will be delivered with Boeing new signature Sky Interior introducing larger overhead storage bins ergonomically designed to improve cabin spacing, soft blue-sky LED ‘mood’ lighting, and enhanced interior architectural appearance creating unique passenger experience. With its aerodynamically improved wing, blended winglets and additional fuel tank, the -215 passengers 737-900ER range is extended to 3,200 nautical miles (5,925 km). The airline will likely boost profitability by introducing the type on routes currently operated by narrow body A321 and wide body A330-200.

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