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From a shocking revelation and an unthinkable feat, allegations of at least four pilots were found of having forged documents to pilot commercial flight licenses. Two of which have been arrested for utilizing fake certificates to obtain licenses.

This is in a country where nearly 50 million people flew domestically last year, which is also an increase from 2009. And last year’s Air India crash at Mangalore was the first of nearly a decade.

But I see this as an issue beyond a systematic breakdown of India’s airline and domestic dangers. There are other countries on this list with similar if not more severe problems. China had over 200 pilots which were found with fake papers in 2008, according to Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation. And the Philippines also face a similar problem.

India has the 4th largest domestic fliers, raking after US, China and Japan.

This is a threat to the national security of every country. This raises the chance of a repeated terrorist acts which was carried out on Unites States of American in September 11, 2001. One of the most tragic events in the history. This is a situation around the world which all nations must immediately come together and start a more powerful and effective system of aviation control.

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