The Boeing company announced on March 7th 2011 it had reach an agreement with China Air for the purchase of 5 Boeing 747-8I. The airline which already operate Boeing 747-400 and 777-200 becomes the third airline to order the passenger version of the  new Boeing 747-8 model after Lufthansa and Korean Air order for respectively 20 and 5 aircraft. Boeing is pricing the passenger version of the 747-8I at $317.5 million apiece.

The aircraft manufacturer also announced that it had received an even bigger order from another growing China based airline Hong-Kong Airlines. This order covers a total of 38 Boeing airliners comprising 6 Boeing 777LRF, 30 Boeing 787-9 and 2 Boeing 787-8 VIP configuration. Hong Kong Airlines fleet is composed of mixed fleet of Boeing 737 and Airbus 330 that allow the airline to operate flights from its Hong Kong hub to destinations in China, Vietnam, Thailand, The Philippines , South Korea and Russia. The order is valued at $8.5 Billion using Boeing price list. These latest deals bring total number of order for the 787 family to 875 and Boeing 777 Freighter at 89.

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