Jerusalem Post reported visit of Ehud Barak Israel defense minister to IAI facility.

During a visit to Israel Aerospace Industries  on Tuesday February 22nd, 2011, defense minister Ehud Barak was introduced to IAI Malat (aviation products division) latest Unmanned Air Vehicle ‘The Ghost”. The new UAV design is a three feet long tandem twin rotors weighing less than nine pounds. The new UAV is said to be designed to provide ground commanders tactical reconnaissance functions in urban environment. Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) conducted within asymmetrical warfare concept make strenuous demands for real-time intelligence capabilities for ground commanders and tactical planners. The new vertical take-off and landing capable UAV is nimble enough to be able to enter windows of building’s upper floors. Ideally such systems would provide target acquisition for various tactical weapons as well as subsequent damage assessment. The urban warfare environment requires visual reconnaissance through optico electronics sensors of platoon, sections and individuals such as snipers, as well as locating crew-served and man-portable fire support (rocket launchers, mortars) and anti-aircraft systems.

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