Australia Transportation & Safety Board released on Monday safety report recommendations in regard to in-flight electrical failures involving a Qantas Boeing 747-438 that occurred on January 7,2008. The regular scheduled flight originating in London, England was descending for landing in Bangkok, Thailand when cabin crew noticed water leaking in the forward galley. Soon after electrical systems malfunctions began to affect the plane lighting, navigation, and communication systems. Although the pilot noticed degradation of function for primary flight display and navigation display, major system such as Instrument Landing Systems and the aircraft mechanical and hydraulic systems remained unaffected. The aircraft was able to land safely in Bangkok for the 346 passengers and 19 crew on board.
Initial investigation had concluded that overflowing water from a ice-clogged drain line (due to inoperable drain line heating system) had found its way to the forward area of the aircraft and through a hub housing main electrical generators circuit buses. The water did damage 3 out of 4 alternating current generator buses.
The aircraft manufacturer at the time had issued advice and instructions for the inspection and repair of main equipment centre drip shields for operators of Boeing 747-400.
Almost 3 years after the incident the Australian Transport Safety Board is issuing two safety recommendations and one safety advisory notice while the FAA in the US has issued a notice of proposed rule making considering the implementation of new airworthiness directive for some 747-400 and 747-400D series aircraft for improving protection from water damage. Complete information is available on ATSB website:

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